Branch Apprenticeships

Are there branch apprenticeship opportunities with Selco Builders Warehouse?

We’re not the in the habit of closing doors. It’s important to us to provide any potential employees looking to develop and grow with the skills and opportunities that will enable them to progress their careers with Selco. We appreciate and value hard workers with a positive attitude and we always aim to ensure we reward the qualities that help Selco to be the best it can be – integrity, loyalty and positivity.

Selco Apprenticeships

What kind of Apprenticeships are available?

Currently we have Shop Floor, Sales and Stock Control Apprenticeships available. There are also apprenticeship opportunities throughout the year for a variety of roles at our Support Centre.

How do Apprenticeships work?

During your apprenticeship you will receive structured support visits from qualified assessors, who will offer guidance throughout. The Selco management team will also be on board to offer help and support along the way.

How long do your Apprenticeships last?

Our apprenticeships are for 12 months and upon satisfactory completion, you can gain a level 2 retail qualification. After completion, you also have the opportunity to take on further training with Selco to further develop yourself personally and professionally.

Take a look at the Apprenticeship Schemes we currently have available.