Why People Stay

Some of our longest-serving employees have been part of the Selco Family for over 30 years.

This alone should prove that when we employ any individual, we’re not just thinking about filling a position.

We’re always looking at the bigger picture – not just what you can do for us, but what we can do for you, how we can help to develop and train you, and what position within the company we could help you grow into.

What do our employees have to say?

  • “Fantastic training opportunities.”

    Michal Gackowski

  • “Plenty of hands-on experience.”

    Stephen Ayres

  • “I can develop personally as well as professionally.”

    William Smith

  • “Full of challenges that develop my abilities.”

    Kevin Ng

  • “Given independence and trusted to make decisions.”

    Joseph Frimpong-manso

  • “Great opportunities to utilise and develop my skills.”

    Dan Murphy

  • “Opportunity to coach and develop people.”

    Mark Bootle

  • “I know my colleagues will always support me.”

    Caroline Reilly

  • “Freedom to be open and offer ideas.”

    Mark Gray

  • “Fantastic opportunities to grow with selco.”

    Oliwia Skowronek

  • “Always someone new to meet or someone familiar to see.”

    Anne-Marie Williams

  • “I can showcase my skills and inspire others.”

    Tony Pontin

  • “Opportunity to write engaging copy for a variety of channels.”

    Shellyane Bryan

  • “Can be influential and make a positive impact.”

    Kieran Evans

  • “Interesting job with great variety.”

    Mark Fall

  • “Always an opportunity to learn something new.”

    Parminder Kaur