About Selco
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Selco's 70 branches are firmly focused on helping tradespeople complete their jobs as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our core values

Our values are hugely important in helping us to create a positive work environment. We encourage health and happiness at work. In turn, staying healthy and happy at work helps us to stay engaged in the work we’re doing which is key to providing our customers with an excellent service truly delivering an environment “where the Trade go”.
Selco Core Values
We are sustainable, trustworthy and responsible

We’re a supportive, trustworthy and forward thinking team. Our colleagues and customers can always rely on us to do the right thing, as we conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical way. We ensure that the decisions and actions we make always have a positive impact on the environment, and the communities in which we operate in. Our sustainability pledge further acknowledges our commitment to making a positive contribution as a progressive business, and as individuals.

Selco Core Values
We are entrepreneurial and empowering

We look forward, not back - we don’t just do things because we’ve always done them that way. Through innovative thinking and challenging the status quo, we’re always striving to make our business the best it can be for our customers. We believe that every colleague has value to add. We encourage all to be empowered to share their voice, while being continually supported in their personal development.

Selco Core Values
We value the contribution of our colleagues

Our colleagues are our greatest asset, and their safety and wellbeing are our top priorities. We’re committed to investing in our people and helping them grow their skills as they build a career with us. We promote equality, diversity, and inclusion across all areas of our business, and provide opportunity to every individual. We believe that small gestures go a long way, so it’s important that we recognise and celebrate the contributions and achievements every colleague makes.

Selco Core Values
We always will be brilliant for our customers

Our job is ensuring the nation’s tradespeople have everything they need for their projects. We understand the trade and they know what to expect from us when they walk through our doors. We’re a one stop shop – it’s what sets us apart from our competitors. We ensure we have everything they need, when they need it; our reliability is the reason we’ve built such a loyal customer base. We don’t rest on our laurels - we take customer satisfaction very seriously, and always strive to find ways in which we can improve.

Selco Core Values
We always stay one step ahead and be ambitious

Ambition is at the core of our business. By breaking convention, and actively looking for new opportunities to evolve, we continue to be market leaders and the first choice for tradespeople. We encourage our colleagues to be ambitious by learning and developing, no matter what their role; every individual is encouraged to look for the next great opportunity, whether that’s for business growth or personal growth.

Our history

We're proud of our history and recent expansion to become the Nation's favourite self-select Trade only Builders Warehouse. We have over 3,000 Colleagues and growing bigger by the month. Here are some of the key timeline events in our history.
  • 1895


    Born from slum housing in Birmingham, Mr Sewell opens a small packaging Company in the most modest of surroundings and with hard graft and ingenuity the first steps towards the Selco that we know and love today are hewn.

  • 1908


    Sewell & Co started making boxes for the famous Pears soaps, even then timber was a key part of our business.

  • 1918


    By 1918 timber was being used to fit out caravans and we’d even started manufacturing balustrades, but it was far from the range of products and services we know today.

  • 1925


    After decades of using timber to manufacture products, Sewell's exclusively becomes a timber merchant expanding its range and milling capabilities responding to customer demands.

  • 1938


    Sewell & Co Builders Merchants is born building the foundations to providing support to all Tradesmen.

  • 1950 - 60s

    1950 - 1960's

    ​Sewell and Co continue to grow their reputation and become a customer favourite.

  • 1970


    ​The first Sewell’s DIY Centre opens its doors pointing the way for the Selco of the future. In the early days both the trade and members of the public were invited with open arms. 1978 saw the Company branching out with more locations, a dedicated timber mill and a specialist window division, Selco.

  • 1980


    ​The 80’s saw the launch of Selco’s first Trade Mailer offering our customers some top deals that we’re still known for today. It’s had a few names since; Selco Savers, Price Drop, Nailed down prices, Knock down deals and as it’s known now, Selco Real Deals. In 1982 Sewell & Co Builders Merchants become Selco.

  • 1990


    ​The 90’s were a busy decade for Selco, opening the way for the success that we are today. We started the decade in 1990 opening outside the Midlands for the first time in Swansea. 1998 saw Selco being purchased by Merchanting & DIY Group, Grafton Group PLC.

  • 2002


    ​Our first London Branch opens in Walthamstow.

  • 2010


    ​Selco undertakes a successful rapid expansion plan cementing our place as “Where the Trade Go”!

  • 2017


    ​It's Branch number 50 as we open in Guildford.

  • 2020


    ​Happy 125th Birthday Selco. We celebrate by opening our 69th Branch in Salford.