Selco People
  • Tim Wordley
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    ​I Joined Selco in March 2020! The world changed a lot as soon as I joined and from the offset It was clear I had started working with a company that always puts its colleagues and customers first. I did a lot of research on different trade businesses and in particular Selco jumped out. I also wanted a change in role as I had spent a lot of time in retail home improvement management and I wanted to get closer to trade sales as Tradesmen and businesses were one of my favourite customer types. I'm now 18 months in and I'm so glad I joined the Selco. I'm not a just number i'm a real person and that’s how we get treated here. I have been made very welcome and I so glad I joined Selco when I did. My job as a Deputy Branch Manager is varied and well paced. The business also has lots of opportunity for networking and progression. The business also puts the trade customers at the heart of everything they do, this makes every day enjoyable, fun with an opportunity to learn new skills and specialise in trade products to keep our trade  customers happy and returning.

    Tim Wordley

    Deputy Branch Manager , Selco Portsmouth

  • Ann Spowart
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    ​I started my Selco career in 2015 at the age of 52. I quickly progressed to supervisor and my current role is Goods Inwards Manager. The work can be physically demanding at times but the satisfaction of delivering great results through teamwork is rewarding. Selco provide some amazing benefits from healthcare and pension schemes to bonuses, shopping discounts and thankyou rewards to name a few.I recently took part in the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge which brought lots of colleagues from different roles and areas of the business together for charity, it was a fantastic experience which I could not have achieved without the help and support of Selco.

    Ann Spowart

    Goods Inwards Manager , Baguley

  • Brunno Laguardia
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    I began working at Selco in 2015 as a Sales Assistant in the Wimbledon Branch.I came into the business never having worked in a similar environment what really made me settle in and adapt were the wonderful colleagues on the team. I soon realised Selco had many career opportunities and that the business was growing rapidly. I decided to invest my time and effort into Selco, looking back today, I see it was the best decision I could have made. I soon moved to Purley Branch as a Trade Sales Supervisor and from there I moved through various roles throughout the South London Region until coming back to Wimbledon at the end of 2020 as Deputy Branch Manager.One of Selco’s core values is ambition as I am a very ambitious individual. I was very happy to find the company core values were very similar to mine. There are various opportunities at branch level and Support Centre. I am proof that with hard work and commitment anything is possible. In 6 years with the company, I now have a career and a job that I always dreamed of. I am Proud to be part of the Selco family!

    Brunno Laguardia

    Deputy Branch Manager , Wimbledon

  • Jamie Norfor
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    ​I joined Selco in 2014. I started as a Car Park Assistant, gradually progressing through the company, working in roles such as Checkouts, Shopfloor and finally being promoted to the Stock Controller, all whilst helping and supporting other areas along the way. This is an important role as I am responsible maintaining stock levels within the branch to ensure we meet our customer demands. I find this really rewarding and I enjoy the challenge of balancing customer project quantities, physical space and health and safety. This can be intense but makes every day interesting and exciting. Communication is key in my role working with suppliers, support centre, the sales team and management this opens me up to multiple departments and businesses and really helps me see our business on a larger scale.I feel confident to take on the challenges my job throws at me due to the training provided by Selco. Such things as health and safety, shrinkage and customer service as well as most recently a level 2 retail management qualification, make me feel prepared to face my day to day challenges.

    Jamie Norfor

    Stock Controller , Reading

  • Aiga Lidaka
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    ​I joined Selco Builders Warehouse in June 2020. It was a hard time for everyone due to the pandemic, but Selco gave me a chance to join what feels like a family. I started my job as Trade Sales Assistant at the Sidcup branch and my heart just felt for this place. Being here more than a year, I have gained not only fantastic relationships with my colleagues, customers, but also gained a lot of knowledge thanks to opportunities such as ‘Rising star’ and kitchen designing. Selco have supported and helped me to develop, gain skills, giving me opportunities to grow in the future, feeling equal, because equality is really important, be more confident and most importantly having a family.

    Aiga Lidaka

    Trade Sales Assistant , Sidcup

  • Mal Singh
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    ​I have been with Selco since 2019, and I just wanted to say “Thank You “for giving the opportunity to grow in my role. Selco have invested in me and given me the opportunity to understand the business, any skill gaps I have had they have supported me through courses getting the resources I need. From the colleagues in support centre to the colleagues in store I have felt welcome and supported. I was made redundant from my previous business and Selco have really made me feel at home. I currently have been given the opportunity to do the Silver Star Rising Stars Management course and it’s been a breath of fresh air with all the things I have been learning. If there is anybody thinking of joining the team my advice will be go ahead and do it… Selco is a great place to work!

    Mal Singh

    Shopfloor Manager , Stirchley

  • Sanj Singh
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    I've just been promoted to Trade Sales Supervisor in our Milton Keynes branch and worked at Selco since 2018. I am genuinely grateful to be part of this organisation. Selco has given me the opportunity to progress and build a career by training me in various skills and allowing me to participate in the Bronze Rising Star course which has assisted me in my promotion. I love how this job fosters support from my team of colleagues and managers, the relationships we have built with our ever-growing customers and the fact that Selco really cares and values their colleagues. I am privileged to be associated with a company that recognises and appreciates hard work and personal career growth.

    Sanj Singh

    Trade Sales Supervisor , Milton Keynes

  • Hannah Collins
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    I began working with Selco in July 2017 as an apprentice HR Administrator. The combination of studying whilst working in a busy department led me to quickly develop many new skills and look forward to whatever challenges the next day faced! I found management to be very supportive during my period of studying and this support has not stopped even though my course is completed. In fact, I still find that there are many opportunities for learning and development and Selco are willing to support our colleagues in career progression wherever they can. I enjoy the friendly culture of Selco and the fast-paced environment – I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us both as a department and a company!

    Hannah Collins

    HR Services Administrator , Birmingham